Specialty Dance Classes

We are introducing Choreography Dance Classes!




5-pack Class Pass for $75

10-pack Class Pass for $140


$16 per class



Stephanie Owen Profile.jpg

Samba 101:

Learn the basic techniques and stylizations in Brazilian Samba Dance. This group class is designed to break down the Samba step through drills and traveling exercises. Here, you will learn how to build movement by learning choreography. Class also focuses on stage presence and performance. Come dance with us!

Mondays 6PM - 7PM (Studio 3)

A sneak peek video of Samba 101 - Freestyle with Stephanie.

Hip Hop:

Learn new Hip Hop choreography every week! Class is designed to break down basic Hip Hop movements, followed by drilling sequences in choreography. Music varies from Hip Hop to R&B to Pop music. Come join the fun!

Mondays 7PM - 8PM (Studio 3)

A little freestyle Hip Hop with Stephanie on Monday nights!



Hips and hair flips (fitness):

Carmen is FINALLY bringing her “Hips and Hair Flips” to BABC for all to experience during the weeknights! Hips and Hair Flips is a DANCE FITNESS class that blends her love for Afro-beat, Caribbean, and Brazilian songs and choreography. She also sprinkles in other popular genres (i.e Latin, American Hip-Hop, etc.). Get ready to sweat 500+ calories per class!!

Wednesdays 6PM - 7PM (Studio 3)

A snippet of one of the many dances and choreographies you’ll learn in this class!!

Dance fusion:

This is a CHOREOGRAPHY class! We will switch Genres (Afro-Beats, Hip Hop, Latin, R&B, etc.) every week and focus on one Choreography per class. We will break down movement and drill sequences during class. We will save the last 10 - 15 mins of class for PERFORMANCE!! Leave a of piece of yourself on the dance floor!!

During class, we will focus on: Spacial awareness, teamwork, transitions, formation, timing, and speed!

Wednesdays 7PM - 8PM (Studio 3)

One of the many styles of dance we will go through on Wednesday nights.