Q. Do I need to have dance experience to join CARNAVALESCOS class?

A. There is no experience needed to required to take this class. Just come and have fun? 

Q. What type of shoes should I wear to this class?

A. We were trained to dance barefoot but you are more than welcome to wear dance sneakers, jazz shoes, or dance paws. Please note that dancing barefoot requires more ankle strength and if you’ve never danced around barefoot, it can cause blisters. The ladies who want to be in the Front Line during the parade, should practice walking, dancing, and turning in platform/performance heels.

Q. Do I have to participate in the parade?

A. Heck NO! If you just want to come and dance, our doors are open! We also offer the T-shirt / cheer / volunteer section for those who don’t want to dance or be in costume.